Throw your Dream

The American novelist Anais Nin said “Throw your dream into space like a kite and you do not know what it will bring back: a new life? A new friend? A new Love? How many of you have a dream that just seems impossible to achieve? Perhaps you want to open a small business, like I did. 25 years ago I had a dream to open a small karate school in Los Angeles. I had so many things going against me; I was a woman in the male-dominated business of martial arts, I had no money or financials so the banks wouldn’t give me a loan, and I had no prior business experience so landlords would not give me a lease. But what I did have was a strong reputation in my community as a good teacher, and I had a big dream to open the best karate school for children that ever existed. I would do this by changing the status-quo of how martial arts were taught. Instead of using the traditional “fear-based” approach to teaching, my method was a “love-based” approach focusing on Life-Skills like kindness, partnership, and patience using positive dialog when correcting the children. My teaching method was based on positive dialog, not negative put-downs. I heard a lot of “No’s” when I tried to borrow money and lease a studio space. It took me one year but finally a landlord was willing to take a chance on me as he had heard about my reputation teaching at other studios and in after-school-programs. I proceeded to borrow 15,000 on my credit card (at a very high interest rate I might add) and did a basic renovation on a tiny dojo space; mirrors, mats, a front desk and a couple of benches for the parents to sit on. I put my heart and soul into my teaching and my clients felt it. They saw how much I loved what I did and how well their children responded to the program. Before long word of mouth spread and I had every celebrity under the sun walking through my doors. When you love what you do it will show. People will feel it and support you. Your dream begins with your love FOR it! Over time, my little dojo expanded into 8 dojo’s, 2000 families, 30 employees, a series of children’s books with Scholastic, speaking engagements at the annual Martial Arts Supershow, magazine column writing, and an award from Black Belt Magazine in 2006 as Woman of the Year for contributions to the martial arts. I tell you this as an example of how “Throwing your dream into space like a kite” really can catch wind and fly. With your special gift and determination, persistence, and true love for what you want to achieve something will happen; the World will respond. I’ve always taught my students that LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe, and I truly believe this. Love for yourself, faith in your dream, perseverance in your actions are all key ingredients to Manifestation. So, send your ideas out to the world and see what comes back… A new life? A new friend? A new journey? A new opportunity, you never know until you try. The sky’s the limit, my friend. So, glide on that wind. Throw your dream into space!

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