Are your ducks in a row?

When I took this photo on an early morning walk, it reminded me of the most important concept in business. You know that feeling when you set out to do a project, and then you think, “Okay, now what do I need to do to make this happen?” You set a GOAL and a TIMELINE as the first steps toward ACHIEVEMENT, or what I like to call, Magic… I mean MANIFESTATION. This simple formula is truly the the way to get things done.

And it all starts by making a D.A.T.E. With Yourself —

Dream What’s your idea? Be very clear and concise with your vision. Picture the tiniest details in your mind.

Action. Make a list of the steps you need to take toward accomplishing your idea.

Timeline. See the intention/vision in your mind and write a timeline of your action steps working backwards.

End result. At all times during your journey toward the manifestation of your dream, you must picture the end result in your mind. With your dream, your actions, and timeline complete, you will see the end of your hard work come to fruition. And, the fun part is that the End is often the Beginning for yet another D.A.T.E.!