Mind Body Spirit

We often hear this phrase tossed around, but what does it really mean? For me it means BALANCE; Balance of those 3 important aspects of ourselves that we often lose sight of.

Teaching Martial Arts and Yoga for 30 years kept me in touch with this daily question:

“What will I do today to keep my Mind Strong, Body Strong, and Spirit Strong?”

Think about it. Think about your day. Did you do something that challenged your Mind; perhaps studying, learning something new, reading, a cross-word? How about your Body; did you walk, stretch, give yourself a facial? And your Spirit… now that is a more personal question and option. Everyone has their own definition of what spirit is to them; it could be a specific religion, or a simple meditation, or just getting excited about something in your life that make you feel elated and full of energy. That is for you to discover. Whatever it is, what did you do today to nourish it.

Taking care that all 3 aspects of yourself are looked after daily can make for a more harmonious and empowered state of mind. What say you? Have you asked yourself yet?