Hi! I’m Sensei Dawn 💗

Hi! I’m Dawn Barnes, also known as Sensei Dawn because for 30 years I have taught thousands of students – children and adults – through my chain of martial arts schools in Los Angeles called Dawn Barnes Karate Kids. Wellness in mind, body, and spirit has always been our focus. I truly believe that everyday we need to do something to keep our mind strong, our body strong, and our spirit strong. Wellness in those aspects of ourselves can create a happy healthy life. And who doesn’t want that? Because of Covid, I have been forced to close most of my schools, which is truly tragic. It has been the greatest honor of my life to be a Sensei to so many amazing students… and truth be told, they have all been Sensei’s to me as well. But, I believe in silver-linings to any tragedy and the silver-lining here is that the need for Wellness never dies. So now, I will share my TIPS and TOOLS with you, Online, on how to set and achieve Your goals for a happy, healthy, and well-lived life! 🙌