HI! I’M SENSEI DAWN; a LIFECOACH, Image Consultant, Black Belt, Health Coach, Stylist, and I tend to espouse gregarious words of wisdom.

I have owned and operated an extremely successful chain of martial arts schools in Los Angeles for 25 years, and my focus has always been on discovering and teaching the mind body spirit connection.

Today I work as a ONE to ONE IMAGE CONSULTANT providing a personalize health and Transformational Makeover for my clients.

The first meeting begins with a 30-minute ZOOM consult whereby a 6-week Transformational Makeover is outlined based upon your specific dreams and desires.
There are no mass produced worksheets, or hyped up sales pitches. Everything is private and personalized. Because of the individual attention my clients receive, I only work with 15 clients at any given time to make sure each of you receives the quality and attention you deserve.

Life is short. As a health, fitness, and style mentor, I am here for you.
💖 Sensei Dawn

6-Week Program Includes:

  • 12 – ZOOM CONSULTS – 2 per week
  • Weight loss plan; Lose 10-12 lbs in 6 weeks. Custom meal plans.
  • Personalized health, fitness, and makeover plan; New Style, New You
  • Goal-Setting and Manifestation Journal; setting and completing a plan of action
  • Weekly review of goal progress; adjusted as needed for your personalized journey
  • PRICE: $65 per 30 minute ZOOM Meeting

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Let’s get your Mind Body Style re-boot started!